7 Ways to Become More Feminine

by | March 27, 2018

Feminine and masculine energy are two sides of the same coin: you can’t have one without the other. Today, we’re going to examine how you can feel empowered by rediscovering your inner femininity.

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1. Take Care of Yourself

Sounds obvious until you think about just how many roles the modern woman has to play in her daily life at work and at home. That’s why the first rule of being a woman who’s in touch with her femininity is to take care of yourself regardless of what’s happening in your life right now. To truly understand the meaning of it, let me give you an example.

Say you have a husband, two kids, and a promising career in marketing. You don’t want to lose your job and you love your family, but feel so exhausted and cranky all the time! How are you going to take care of your children and advance in your career at the same time?

Only by putting your needs first.

This doesn’t mean neglecting your children or quitting your job because you’re in a bad mood. It means taking good care of your looks, health, and wellbeing. Trust me, when you look after yourself regularly, you will have more energy and everything else will fall into place.

2. Dress Like a Lady

A couple of years ago, I used to wear almost only jeans and suits. When I first started getting in touch with my femininity, wearing a dress or a skirt sounded a little bit silly. But I then realized why dresses are so important for us, women. The moment I began to wear dresses, I somehow felt more soft, feminine, playful, and relaxed.

We underestimate the impact our choice of clothes has on how we feel and behave as women. You may have some resistance at first, but when you get used to it, you will often prefer wearing a dress over putting on jeans.

3. Trust People

Trust issues with men or other women can be a huge problem for unlocking your femininity. If you really want to feel loved and appreciated, you need to open your heart first. I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of heartbreaks, but the only way to live your life to the fullest is to trust people. Appreciate them, thank them, admire them, love them.

It’s really hard to trust someone especially after you’ve been betrayed so many times. But trust isn’t about the other person, it’s about you. No matter how many times you’ve been rejected or lied to, your feminine nature is to be open and warm. If you close your heart to the possibility of love, you will never experience the joy of love until you open up again.

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4. Be Soft and Gentle

Believe it or not, one of your biggest superpowers as a woman is your softness.
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Be kind to people, offer to help them, and do it from the bottom of your heart. When you’re in service of others, you will feel calm, relaxed, and in touch with your femininity.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Vulnerable

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Try asking your bestie, husband, or boyfriend for help on a task, whenever you feel like it drains you. You need your feminine energy not just to feel good about yourself, but also to inspire and motivate others around you.

You are the main source of your power and creativity. Let that inspire others. By being vulnerable and sharing your most intimate side, others will treat you like the true goddess that you are.

6. Learn to Let Go

If you want to be true to your feminine side, learn to let go. What do I mean by this? Stop trying to control others, the circumstances, or the outcome of your actions.

You are a goddess and your purpose is to nourish, cherish, love, and trust your inner femininity. Embrace things as they are and enjoy the ride.

7. Laugh, Play and Be Spontaneous

As opposed to masculine energy, which is fixed, feminine energy is flexible, like water. Let your heart sing, be playful and spontaneous. One of the best ways to do that is by perceiving life as a playground. Do kids think about the future outcome of every action they make? No. They simply do it.
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So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and simply be your beautiful, feminine self. Without excuses.

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