Every week, I share my best tips as a Life Coach & Relationship Coach on how to simplify your life. Each topic is carefully selected, and I make sure to approach it in the most helpful and practical way to help my listeners feel more fulfilled, energized and happy with their lives and relationships.

The ‘Simplify Your Life’ Podcast includes bite-sized tips, coaching techniques, and cognitive behavioral therapy tools to create a simple life and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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Episode 34: How to Stay Productive at Work

Productivity is essential if you want to be successful at your job. In this episode, I will share with you 8 tips on how to stay productive at work while staying sane at the same time. 

Episode 33: Should I Start a Podcast?

In this episode, I’m going to answer one of the most frequently asked questions I get, and that is: ‘Should I start a podcast?’ I’m also going to tell you what I’ve learned in the past seven months that I’ve been running this podcast and what I wish I knew back when I started.

Episode 30: How to Become More Feminine

Hi, everyone! In today’s episode, I will give you 7 tips on how to become more feminine and feel more fulfilled in life. Make sure to subscribe to the ‘Simplify Your Life’ podcast, so you don’t miss out on my best ways to make everyday life better, simpler and more...

Episode 26: Should I Work from Home?

In today’s episode, I’ll share with you my personal experience on working from home and we’ll learn more about the pros and cons, so that you can decide whether or not that’s something you want for yourself.

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