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Create a Life You Won’t Need an Escape From

What if that special thing you’ve been searching for your entire life is already here?

We’re constantly trying to do more, be more, achieve more.

Let’s try something different instead.

Stop letting your life pass by.

See it. Seize it. Live it.

In 111 ways.

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111 Ways to Simplify Your Life is a breath of fresh air giving you bite sized golden nuggets of endless genius ways to simply your life! The format makes the information easily digestible and actionable! Definitely a reference book for life.

— Regina W.

This book changed the way I look at my everyday life. Read it and decided to go back to try out the 111 ways one by one. Great daily reminder to slow down and tune in!

— Brooke S.

I got my copy and I love it! I appreciate number 33. So powerful.

— Jace J.

I've read many books on decluttering and I was expecting something similar here. There were some tips on decluttering, but the book turned out much deeper than that. It got me to look at how I'd been consuming content lately and reconsider some of my choices. Better than expected!

— Elliot G.

After listening to Simona's podcast, I found it super useful to read all the tips collected in this book. I love how practical it is and the chapter on accepting my dark side was an eye-opener for me.

— Amelia T.

About the author

Coach Simona is a certified Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, and author of the book “111 Ways to Simplify Your Life.”

She’s also the host of The Simplify Your Life Podcast and the Ask Coach Simona Show on YouTube.

In her 6-year coaching practice, she’s helped hundreds of women recover from trauma and build unshakeable self-confidence by being unapologetically themselves.

Coach Simona’s work has been featured on, Worldwide Coaching Magazine, The Ladies Coach, and many more.

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