Find True Love

For Individuals

Find True Love Coaching Package

Do you keep ending up in relationships with the “wrong” partner? Are you feeling lonely, even when the two of you are together? Wondering what it takes for you to finally find your perfect match?

I created this coaching package for those of you who want to fall—and stay—in love. Let’s find out what’s holding you back from finding your partner for life.

We’ve all fantasized about that perfect person who would come into our lives and rock our world. If you want to find the right partner for you, you have to look deep into yourself and find which patterns are keeping you from having a happy and fulfilling relationship.

I created this package for those of you who are single and looking for the right partner. To achieve your best results, we will talk on Skype once a week for three months.

What’s in the 3-month plan?

Step 1

Find out what’s really holding you back

Discover the thought patterns that have been holding you back for the most of your life. And remove them.

Step 2

Create a vision and set clear goals

Plan your way to success by focusing on your strengths. Turn your dreams into goals, ready for you to achieve.

Step 3

Help you take action to achieve them

Become a master of achieving your own goals. Until then, I will keep you focused and accountable to yourself.

Total package price $1,941 (USD)

Still unsure? Book a free 30-minute session with me. No payment or credit card required.