Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him: Don’t Worry, You Still Have Time!

by | December 18, 2018

We’ve all been there: not having the time to think of a present for someone we love and care about. In those moments, the LAST thing you should do is panic!

We’ve already covered the ladies, so if you have a special woman in your life, here are some suggestions for her. And if you’re looking for some easy-to-get suggestions for an important man in your life, today’s blog post is for you.

Here are 4 last minute gift ideas for him:

1. Do Something Nice for Him

We all want to feel special, and men, although many of them don’t like to admit it, also want to feel spoiled and cared for. If you’re looking for last minute ideas to surprise him, just do something kind for them. Here’s how to show them your appreciation by doing something nice that comes straight from your heart:

For instance, take your dad to lunch; invite your friend and cook for them; gift a handwritten card with all the things you cherish about your boyfriend or think of a sexy surprise in the bedroom for your husband. You know this special man in your life much better than any random article on the Internet, so trust your gut and go for something simple that they would enjoy: spending time with you.

2. Buy Him Something Special with a ‘WOW’ Effect

What do I mean by this: most men (especially the ones with families) are so modest that they don’t think about splurging on items they couldn’t afford. So, why not buy them something luxurious to remember this special occasion?

If he’s a businessman, go for a nice watch; if he’s into gaming or likes to listen to music all the time, buy him quality headphones; and if you want to splurge on them even more, get him an elegant pen (that costs an arm and a leg :D).

There are many websites that offer same-day or next-day shipping, so if you’re shopping last minute, I would go directly in-store or use a service like Amazon Prime to avoid the hassle.

3. Get Him a Gift Card He Can’t Resist

If you’re out of ideas or you’re overwhelmed by having too many, a gift card means ‘I care about you, I know you like specific things, and I want you to give you the chance to pick your own gift and think of me every time you use it’. Here are some suggestions on how to pick the right gift card for him:

Answer these questions: What are the places he likes to shop at? What brands does he wear? What colognes are his favorites? What are his hobbies and interests? Try to remember if he’s mentioned something that he wants to buy for himself but he hasn’t bought yet. That’s what you’re looking for: a gift card with a personal touch.

Some suggestions to get you started: get him a gift card for his favorite store; if he owns an Xbox, get him a 12-month gold membership card; if he’s a bookworm, go for a gift card for Barnes and Noble, etc.

4. Do Something Spontaneous, Adventurous and Wild

If the man in your life is your significant other and they’re into adventures, I think he’ll love this one. Think of a wild gift that they won’t suspect, such as an exciting experience outside of their comfort zone that will actually make them feel thrilled and looking forward to doing.

Examples: skydiving, bungee jumping, skiing, or why not book a flight to another city? Depending on your budget, you can choose something that will be a bang for your buck (such as dinner at an exotic foreign restaurant that has good reviews) or a bit more expensive (such as hot flying with a hot air balloon).

No matter what you choose, I want you to pause for a second and take a deep breath.

Gifts are a nice way to show our love and appreciation for someone, but they are not necessary and they’re definitely not that important.

What’s truly important is to show your loved ones every day how much they mean to you, be respectful and kind, and do your best to let them be themselves around you.

That’s the greatest gift you could ever give.


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